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Steffie Turner (Phd) | MCR-Chairperson Advisory Board

Ms. Turner brings, not only a passion for people of colour to the MCR family, but an unmatched professionalism and dedication for excellence that redefines success. Ms. Truner has  years of experience in the field of  Psychology and not only  is she a member of Rattler Publishing Global advisory board, but  Melanated Community Radio as well. Ms. Turner also assist with Rattler Publishing and MCR quality control.  It is unclear if Ms. Turner will host a program at this time. To contact Ms. Turner click  Here 

Denyse Reyes | Senior Executive Director MCR-Caribbean

A successful established entrepreneur, Ms. Reyes is a member of the MCR Executive staff and a senior analyst and editor for MCR Global Communications. But Reyes winery and bakery isn't the only thing this Trinidadian native is passionate about, Mr. Reyes is a Senior administrator for the Global Community and takes and active role in building The Global Community Caribbean. Ms. Reyes also currently  host two  programs one addressing the literacy problems, the other addressing abuses of both men and women in the communities of people of colour. To contact Ms. Reyes click Here 



Melanated Community Radio

Executive Director, Station Managers and Program Host


Interested in sponsoring an MCR program or bring a much needed topic to the platform; contact one of our Station Managers or MCR Administration . To schedule an interview with a host contact either the Host Station Manager or MCR Administration .

If you are a minority business and interested in taking your web presence to the next level of excellence, contact  Gemini Website design and hosting, at gemini.melanatedcommunityradio.net

24/7 tech support by  phone or email  and also ask the host about our offer of 15% OFF for first time minority subscribers.

Nasrene Muhammad | MCR Admin & US Station Manager

A successful entrepreneur, the Co-founder and Co-owner of Gemini Website Design and Hosting, Rattler Publishing, and Melanated Community Radio. Ms. Muhammad is a senior administrator for Gemini, MCR, and Rattler Publishing's Global. Ms. Muhammad brings her passion and drive for excellence to the MCR platform and takes an active role in creating not only the Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and MCR Global Networks of Communication, but The MCR Global Community Portal.

To contact Ms. Muhammad click Here

Anujia Hatal | MCR Music Controller

For over 30yrs Ms. Hatal has been the voice of Rattler Music compositions  and literary works in both the underground and public market places. Ms. Hatal  is also the co-founder of an organization of underground artists. Shunya is also a subsidiary  of Rattler Music and Literary works. Ms. Hatal played a major role in the creation of the Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and MCR Logo's and is a senior executive for MCR Cultural Music Department,. Ms. Hatal will program late night music on MCR-US and will be an advisor to the Global Community.  To contact Ms. Hatal or the Cultural Music Department click Here

David Rattler | Project Manager & MCR-US Program Host

Co-founder and co-owner of Rattler Publishing, Gemini Website Design and Hosting, and Melanated Community Radio. With over 30yrs of experience, the accomplished composer, novelist, community organizer/activist, is the project manager and  a radio host on MCR-US. Mr. Rattler also takes an active role in helping building the MCR station and the Global Community. Mr. Rattler also currently host two programs on Melanated Community Radio.

To contact Mr. Rattler click Here 

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