Reyes Wine & Bakery

Ms. Reyes takes great pride in the art of wine making and offering authentic Tridadian dishes. All products are made with only natural ingredients and no  GMO's. To find out more about Reyes Wine & Bakery contact Demyse Reyes via email or call 295-5726

Please Note*

At this time Reyes Wine and Bakery do not ship alcoholic beverages outside the Caribbean.

Director of MCR-Caribbean, MCR0Trinidad Station Manager. founder Reyes winery and bakeryDenyse Reyes | Senior Executive Director MCR-Caribbean

A  successful entrepreneur in her own right, Ms. Reyes brings an unmatched passion not only to product, but  to broadcasting and storytelling. The Trinidadian native is a Senior administrator for the Global Community and takes and active role in The Global Community. Ms. Reyes also host three  programs on the MCR network  Light in the Abyss, Building Bridges across cultures, and Our Melanated World Co-Hosted with  Project Manager David Rattler of MCR-US The program compares and contrast conditions of melanated people in The Caribbean and the US..

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