Graphic Design Services


Rattler Publishing''s Graphic Design services is state of the art, It been described as art imitating life or Life imitating art, which ever way you see it, our graphic designers think outside the box so to speak. We require a brief synopsis explaining the work in order to gain a better visual understanding.

You'll work with our graphic designers to fine the perfect cover and once you've decided your manuscript will be sent to formatting.

Formating Services

Once you have chosen the perfect cover for your project, you manuscript is then sent to formating. Here you will decide the size of the layout. Although you are free to decide the size, we recommend 5.5 x 8.5 ins. This size sits comfortably in the middle for paperbacks and wont be uncomfortable in the readers hand.

Placement Services

Once you've chosen the size of the work, we will then schedule your work for placement. We will provide a list of distributors for you to upload your work for distribution. These distributors commission is only 20% leaving 80% of sales for you to enjoy.

Promotional Services

Once you have decided on which company will distribute you work Rattler Publishing then will launch a pre-release promotional campaign across our global network, and social media. We'll schedule you for an interview with one on Melanated Community Radio personalities to discuss the work and run continues ads about the upcoming release on MCR 24/7 que.


Advertising Services

During the pre-release campaign We'll place the work on the Melanated Community Radio website for continued promotion. complete with link to the distributor when the work is sold. In three months we'll schedule another interview on MCR as a follower up to the release.

Log on to the Rattler Publishing blog at rattlerpublishing.blogspot.com to learn about the latest releases. Log onto the Melanated Community blog at melanatedcommunityradio.blogspot.com


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