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In the Info-Hub is where you'll find the application for becoming a Melanated Community Radio program host. The Indemnity and digital distribution agreements for the cultural music section of the station.

When opening these forms we recommend Google Chrome or Opera and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat when completing the forms.

Please note: if you  can not fill out the forms and submit on line, download the form, complete it and email it to us at admin@melanatedcommunityradio.net

If you  are applying to the Cultural Music Department download and complete the Digital Distribution and Indemnifier agreements and mail them to



Ever wanted to be a radio host without paying for Internet streams  and boarder tax, here's your chance. Rattler Publishing and Gemini Website and Hosting are looking for Melanated people to host approved program on the MCR Station. You pick the topic, the times, live or recorded and you can be on the air in no time. There are a few requirements. You  have to be melanated , and your topic or subject has to address issues in minority communities. You have to actively seek logical long term solutions to the issues we face daily as people of colour. You have take an active role in the Global Community Projects. A place where melanated community activist, leaders, organizer, and everyday people meet and post on going projects in their communities. For compensation for being anapproved MCR program host, we are giving you the opportunity to build your own financial start. If you make organic products or offer services to the community we've set up and advertising page for you, where you can display your goods or services. If your not an entrepreneur, you have the option of renting that space to a minority business and you keep the rental fees.

To become an MCR program host or to co-host an approved MCR program, complete the Host and Co-Host form below. Happy Broadcasting


MCR Program Host or Co-Host Application


For new program submission,or change existing program times complete the Program Submission form.


Program Submission


Interested in having your music featured in our Cultural Music Program; complete both the Digital Music Distribution and the Indemnifier agreements and submit them to the Cultural Music Department for review.


Digital Distribution Agreement


Indemnifier Agreement

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