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Melanated Community Radio

MCR the next evolution of Rattler Publishing’s by ourselves alone; we will redefine who we are philosophy. MCR will connect melanated people globally, to discuss critical issues, find and implement long term sustainable solutions to the problems we face in the field of economic, politics, relationships, health and wellness, just to name a few.

We are embarking on a journey in which unity, self-love, and conscious awareness of ourselves and the world around us must be the corner stone of our success. Each of us has a duty to connect with other melanated people in the diaspora and fashion a unique bond of oneness that contributes to the overall advancement of our melanated communities.

For many of us this will be no less than wakening up in a different dimension. What we do here today will manifest itself and in ways we can't even imagine. An awakened, melanated people, redefined and empowered with who we really are. The original people; the children of the sun.

―David Rattler



Melanated Community Radio

Broadcasting Schedule

All program broadcast in EST





Exposing Hidden Truths

Tuesdays 3:00pm -4:00pm EST

Hosted by

David Rattler


Our Shattered History  Expected

Every 2nd & 4th Friday 5:00pm-6pm Est

Hosted by

David Rattler


The Story Teller's Lair


Hosted by

David Rattler





Building Bridges  (one word at a time)

Saturdays 10:00am -11:00am EST

Hosted by

Denyse Reyes


Light in the Abyss

Every 2nd & 4thThursdays 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

Hosted by

Denyse Reyes


The Story Teller's Lair

MCR-Trinidad (TBA



Previously Broadcast Programs

Sundays starting at 1:00pm until all programs are completed.


Melanated Community Radio is a division of Rattler Publishing Global Communication Corporation. and operates with an approved license from both Rattler Publishing Global and Gemini Website Design and Hosting International.

Becoming a Program Host On MCR


Interested in becoming a Program Host on Melanated Community Radio it's easier than you think just go to info-Hub, complete The Host and or Co-Host agreements and submit the forms to admin@melanatedcommunityradio.net and in a few days you could be a radio host on Melanated Community Radio.

Melanated Community Radio Support

MCR Global support is a 24/7 support platform created to aid MCR Station Manager and Program host with general inquires about basic programming and first time connections.

Agents will be available to assist if the knowledge base does not answer your questions. You  must register and create a ticket to be connected to an agent. The MCR Global Support System is not immediate help for technical issues with third party software. If you are experiencing technical issues with third party software contact the Project Manager at pm@melanatedcommunityradio.net .

Log on to MCR Global Support at support.melanatedcommunityradio.net



Melanated Community Radio Cultural Music Studio

The Melanated Community Radio Studio is the latest addition  to the Cultural Music Department. The Studio is for enhancement of approved MCR programs and commercials. The studio will not re-engineer  track recordings, product musical works for the public, or create mix-downs for prerecorded music.

Studio hours are 10am-9pm EST Closed Sunday and Monday

For more information regarding studio activities check out the studio calendar on the community projects page or contact the Cultural Music  Department at





Join the Global Community Today

Joining the Global Community is easy and it's free. Only two requirements, be melanated both inside and out, and be an active participant in helping find logical long term solution to the issues we as people of colour face daily. Lets change our image, first to ourselves, lets build economic empowerment for our business, educate our children about our culture, who we are and where we come from, Join the Global Community, lets come together and change the dynamic once and for all. Click here



Melanated Community Radio is sponsored in part by Rattler Publishing and Gemini Website Design and Hosting. If you'd like to become a sponsor click on the Patreon link above or to make a one time donation click on the donate button. Help us build an educated, empowered global melanated nation reconnected to the past and looks forward to a brighter future for all melanated people.




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