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The Global Community  is completely melanated, no exceptions. Here is where a failed humanity is rebuilt,  and by collectively reasoning  formulating strategies to redefine ourselves as individuals belonging to a culture rather than a colour. Here is where our cultures are preserved, where educating  our children to our cultural values rather than a colour, where we are inspired to empowering our business in our neighborhoods through economic. Where we discuss defense strategies for protecting of  our humanity, our communities, our Children, and our  business interest.

In order to join our community we need to be melanated (no exceptions) and you will not bring  religious, philosophies, or ideologies to the platform as a suggestion for a possible solution for long term sustainable solutions to any issues on the forum active or archival; and you must be an active participant in discussions with melanated people and that you will engage with a logical punctilious frame of mind that seeks to help find logical long term solutions for other people colour regardless of the place they call home.


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