The Beginning


The Evolution didn’t began with Rattler Publishing; but with Shunya Limited in the autumn of 1986 down in New Orleans, Louisiana. After hearing a young composer do a sound check; Anujia Hatal approached the young composer with the idea of keeping his music out of mainstream; which, was and still is controlled by whites vultures. Something David was certainly interested in. She told him if he kept his music in small intimate setting inviting the listener can go on the journey with the composer, it would mature with the wisdom of the journey, David agreed, and in that autumn the same year Shunya Limited was born.

The newly formed company wasted no time limiting access to written material. Since that humble beginning the company has expanded and holds seminars in the underground making young melanated artist aware of  the importance of maintaining control of publication rights and explaining the  hidden dangers of dealing with whites (or white thieves as both David and Anujia calls them) who most certainly will re-engineer art of melanated people and call it their own creation; a major problem Shunya still brutally combats since its creation.


Rattler Publishing


Rattler Publishing began its journey in the spring of 2012 in Northern New England. A philosophy developed it into a concept, then redesigned into a lock step operational matrix.

In its the constitution it states the company must be co-owned by one melanated male and one melanated female to allow both masculine and feminine energies flow through the company and its bylaws and articles  reflect that matrix. Rattler Publishing proclaimed its Sovereignty soon after creation and quickly employed the by us for only us philosophy across its operational platforms. The new company wasted no time c;aiming its interest in the underground. With extremely brutality, Rattler Publishing caused a cataclysmic shift in the operations of several underground organizations including The Story Teller's Liar. It seized complete control of The story Teller’s Lair forcing whites and their melanated sympathizers out the organization before permanently slammed the door, and, although; they’ve never admitted it, its believed the extreme acts was a direct retaliatory response for the Indian removal act of the 1800’s which is rumored to be connected personally to the psychological thriller novelist.

Since that cold day in autumn of 2012, Rattler Publishing has moved forward on a global quest with the same aggressive nature and forward motion that launched it. Besides from Gemini the latest edition to the Rattler Publishing conglomerate of companies. Melanated Community Radio began in 2016 and follows the same by us for only us philosophy of Rattler Publishing and Shunya Limited.



Gemini Website Design and Hosting



Gemini Website Design and Hosting is the brain child of Nasrene Muhammad. From the formation of Gemini, Nasrene has searched for ways to connect the company to the historical linage between co-owner David Rattler and Ursula Turray  (Now Present of Rattler Publishing) With the help of Anujia's knowledge of not only his family linage but astrology, they created the the Gemini symbol. In in corporates the constitution of Rattler Publishing it also  combines the original philosophies of  Shunya in its operational matrix. Gemini focuses on advance technologies that pushes innovative concepts  beyond boundaries of excellence. Gemini is symbolic of the connection between David Rattler and Ursula Turray. Both having been born in the same year, the same month, and on same day. David at sunrise in the Arkansas Delta and Ursula at sunset in Ibadan Nigeria. When the company officially launched in autumn of 2013. Nasrene Muhammad stated to a local news source "Gemini is the physical manifestation of a quantum entanglement." The company caters to helping build financial empowerment for melanated people  and melanated owned business.


Melanated Community Radio


After leaving his grandmothers graveside the need to bring melanated people together globally was more pressing than ever.  In 2015 David fought tirelessly on the Rattler Publishing debut floor for the creation of Melanated Community Radio and after a year of negotiating, operations, finance, and disciplines of the company. In July 2016 after winning approval, Melanated Community Radio launched connecting two continents (the US and Africa) and the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago on one stream for a single purpose.  The station has a single purpose, connect all Melanated people together for the purpose of  discovering their lost history and recapturing and maintaining culture and spirituality that pertain to the original people. Inspired by the lessons and  philosophies of his grandmother and grandaunts during his childhood David vowed to never forget the white plague that descended the great people  and at the opening ritual as he poured out libations to his ancestors he vowed to never forget "Nu na da ul tsun yi" (The Place where they Cried) . Since that day David has  continued to breath life into those prophetic teachings of the original people of the  Nvda diniyoli. (Children of the Sun) as they are called.

The Station do not allow organized religious rhetoric to be broadcast on the stream, but dose allow spirituality as it pertains to original cultures. In 2017 tRattler Publishing and Gemini cleaned house and created and launched Najia Group,an MCR as watch dog to guard against organized religious tendencies and to monitor the stations operational policies as it expands on a global reach. They also  launched MCR-Caribbean and named Ms. Denyse Reyes as its executive director.

Under Ms. Reyes' leadership, MCR-Caribbean has continued to grow and move forward under the banner of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Shunya Limited Philosophies .

For more information about MCR and MCR-Caribbean contact Rattler Publishing at or contact Denyse Reyes at


The Global Community


The Global Community is the foundation that drives the purpose of Melanated Community Radio. The global community is the starting point where melanated people from all walks of life come together and discuss strategies to obtain long term  logical solutions to issues that prevent people of colour from obtaining true identities and realizing their worth as the original  person. Its a place where topics like addressing and eliminating police brutality directed specifically toward people of colour, setting up community defense tactical matrix and operations, employing healthy lifestyles, repairing relationships, preserving our culture, educating  our melanated youth, and building economic empowerment for melanated families and business. The community is free to join, but the company only accepts applications from melanated people.

To find out more about the global community contact Najia Group


Our Direction


Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Limited all operate under a by us for only us philosophy with no exceptions. Building economic empowerment by connecting melanated people with a single concept of employing self-determination and by any means to rise above their pale oppressors and control the narrative to our stories, discovering who we are and not who they say we are, and becoming more, self-assured, culturally preserved, spiritually, and economically  powerful tomorrow then we were today is the sole purpose of Melanated Community Radio and The Global Community.


 if melanated people allows the pale people and their Gods to tell their story and deceive them of  their culture, then they walk the pathways of pale fools , and for he that loves his enemy and not his own culture is surly a fool. Say not a single prayer to his God; least you too shall be like grains of sand scattered across the desert by the coming forth of Dawn.”


-David Rattler